Skinimalism for the win with Swara Bliss!

After going through my fair share of skincare adventures, I’ve come to the conclusion that less is more. I am a firm believer in skinimalism. Swara Bliss is one of several brands that actually believes in it!

Swara Bliss- Natural Handmade Skincare!
Swara Bliss- Natural Handmade Skincare!

My skin has been through a lot as a result of the pandemic. It is more sensitive and acne-prone, and it is constantly inflamed as a result of wearing a mask for long periods of time at work. And I’ve found that using anti-inflammatory and soothing skin products and keeping my skin care routine to a bare minimum has worked best for me. Also, I use the products that my skin need at the time. The more layers applied to the skin, the less breathable it becomes. Use multipurpose products to provide your skin with nutritional nourishment while using fewer items. Skinimalism is the way to go for me.



Swara Bliss has been sharing her story with us for years, and it has been nothing short of inspirational. It is one such brand that began with soaps and has now expanded to include a wide range of products such as night cream, lip balm, ubtans, and oils, to mention a few.

All time favourite!
All time favourite soaps by Swara Bliss!


New Launch
New launches hair oil and body oil!


All of these botanical and natural products are effective for practically all skin types and concerns. It also doesn’t include any potentially dangerous ingredients that could compromise your skin’s barrier

What I like best about this brand is that all of their products are handcrafted, sustainable, and versatile, so they are not only eco-friendly, but they also attempt to make them as simple to use as possible without a complicated ingredient list that the average person can understand.

Swara Bliss products are pleasing to the sight as well as the skin. That’s how beautiful their merchandise and packaging are. They are constantly coming up with fresh and innovative ideas that meet everyone’s needs and those of the moment.



I’m excited to try out some of their newer products that am yet to try and see how well they perform for me.

We’ve been able to watch their journey firsthand. We realize how hard they’ve been working to provide you with the best service possible. We can confidently state that they are among the best in natural skin care and are well worth a try.

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