Dealing with Covid-19 when in home isolation

Covid-19 has been spreading like anything and has been affecting almost everyone. Here I am putting out a simple guide to help all those who are infected and  are in home isolation ( as per your doctor’s advice). Me being a medical professional myself, having worked in covid and have contacted covid twice; I can guide from both perspectives. As a caregiver and patient myself.

Before we go through the list, remember that as soon as you see any symptom do get yourself tested and consult your doctor. this is one of the biggest and most important step to start timely treatment and then dealing with it effectively without any panic.

Once you have tested positive, isolate yourself in a room
This is one of the most important factors to break the chain and not infect your near and dear ones. If you are a caregiver then please maintain distance from the ailing loved ones and whenever you go to provide them with essentials, please make sure to wear two masks and use hand gloves.

Keep your consultant doctor in a loop
Keep in regular contact with the doctor and take follow-up regularly. Whenever you see new symptoms or any of the present symptoms aggravate, inform him/her immediately. Take all your medications and supplements timely without fail and as prescribed.

Positioning and Exercises
Apart from medicines, these two will play a vital role in improving the lung health.
Sleep on your tummy all the time and if not on your tummy for any reason, then do sleep on your side with a pillow supporting your chest but do not lay on your back for long. Sleeping on the tummy or on side helps with maintaining air flow in the lungs and do not let fluid set in.

Sleeping on your tummy
Sleeping on your side

Breathing exercises are of utmost importance to improve oxygen intake and maintain and improve SpO2.
* Breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth.
*Take slow and relaxed breathing.
*Blow balloons. Yes, these birthday balloons are good for lung exercises.
*Keep moving your arms up and down and around (in circles).
*Move your ankle in and out while you are sitting or lying on the bed to maintain blood circulation.
*Take a little walk in your room itself for 5-10 mins no matter what without exhausting yourself.
*Meditate, relax and rest as much as possible. Cannot stress this enough.

Breathing exercise ( breathing out through mouth)

Measure your SpO2 and temperature
Measure SpO2 every two hours and temperature at least three times a day. Better if you can keep a daily chart of it if possible. Do report to your doctor if your temperature goes beyond 102°F and resting SpO2 less than 90. Also, if your SpO2 is around 95, then once monitor it after 3-minute walks and keep a tab on it.

Hydration, Steam inhalation and Gargling
Keep yourself hydrated. Drink enough water throughout the day, have juices, coconut water, ginger water or any warm liquid instead of a cold one.
Take steam inhalation 2-3 times a day.
The Betadine gargling is of utmost importance. It helps keep sore throat and throat infection in check.

Have a simple home-cooked food as possible. As such, there’s not much restriction on food, but the healthier and less spicy the better. Also, try to include more protein.

• Enjoyable activities
Keep yourself involved in activities that keep you relaxed and entertained. Watch movies, comic shows, read books or anything that helps you stay away from stress.

These are some simple steps that will help you deal with a covid situation effectively at home. Following proper protocol, timely measures and being alert can help you. Also, don’t refrain from asking your doctor anything, however silly it may be.

Also, don’t forget to pray and manifest good health!

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