Swara Bliss ~ a perfect handcrafted gifting option!

There are tons of gifting options available in the market but when you want to gift your loved ones something sustainable, eco friendly and customized, the one name that comes to our mind is SWARA BLISS COSMETICS.

Home grown brands have their own beautiful journey and they give so much love to each and every order. The best part is that you can customize your gifts according to your requirements.

Pragya Saxena Mohan, the owner and the creative head of Swara Bliss who is passionate about soap making started her journey back in October 2016 with different soap formulations and perfumes. Not only does she endorses clean beauty but tries her very best to be as eco friendly as possible.

Creative Head of Swara Bliss

In these 3 years they have came up with so many different varieties of soaps which is the core product of the brand. They have something for every skin type and concern including kids range. The best part is that they customize the product according to your needs and their designs are to die for.

Swara Bliss don’t just cater basic lemon, orange, rose fragrance soaps but they have some of the best exotic ingredients to give you the best for your skin. You name it and they will handcraft it for you. They have mix of butters, essential oils and amazing natural fragrances. Each and every soap is handcrafted and designed in a way to uplift the skin and make it more smooth, bright and healthy.

Along with the soaps they have gradually expanded their venture with lip balms, shampoo bars, scrubs, eye liner and now they are taking plunge into creams. Yes, you heard that right. Their very new launch is hand creams.

Natural Skin Care Products!

Swara Bliss products aren’t just a treat to your skin but to your eye too. That’s how gorgeous their soap designs and packaging are. That makes them a perfect gifting option.

I had an amazing experience with them and you too can have. They are even taking corporate designer soaps, designer range soap for birthdays and baby shower, mehndi functions etc.

If you are into corporate sector, you can have a combination of different soaps as a perfect gift hamper for your employees. For baby shower, bridal shower or mehndi favors, they make a perfect gifting options for your girl friends. Use a combination of soaps, tinted lip balms, kajal and cream to pamper your girls on your special occasion.

Swara Bliss – Perfect gifting option!
Swara Bliss – perfect gifting option!

Also, for kids birthday party you can gift them few of these soaps in donut or any other shape that attracts kids and are safe for their skin too.

Perfect gifts for kids too or even grown ups!

What I liked the best about this brand is its packaging. They have super cute packaging where each and every soap is packed in seed paper. Once used crush the paper finely, sow it in soil and you will have your plant. Now they are also using glass bottles and tubs for packaging that can be reused for home decor too.They not only take care of your skin but of our planet earth too.

Sustainable packaging
Sustainable packaging

We have witnessed their journey up close and personal. We know how passionately they have been working to give you the best they can. Surely we can say that they are one of the best in natural skin care and totally worth giving a shot.

Swara Bliss : A baby conceived through a Beautiful mind full of creativity, a heart that pours in love and the hands that crafts the soul of products.

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