Sheet masks by Skin Elements!

Korean skin care is now taking its place everywhere and one of the products which has created a huge impact is their sheet masks.

Sheet masks are loved so much by everyone and is accepted wholeheartedly. Even we do love them and have even written a blog post about how to make the most it. Do give it a read if you haven’t yet.

We always have a stack of our sheet masks with us so that we don’t run out of it. It is so easy to use, totally mess free and perfect for people on the go.

We have tried many sheet masks and here we are reviewing from the brand Skin Elements.

Recently they have launched their very own sheet masks in three different variants to rejuvenate your skin and give that healthy glow to it.

Green tea and neem mask helps fight pollution and infection. It also helps fight acne and cleanse the pores.

Apple extract with milk protein mask helps with anti aging. This one helps to give firmness and elasticity to the skin. Helps to remove dead skin and nourishes the skin from deep inside.

Grapefruit and Aloevera mask has added hyaluronic acid to it which helps to lock the moisture in the skin. It fights inflammation, reduces the acne and removes the dead skin cells.

All these are super hydrating and are very easy to use. The quality is also good and it fits nicely on the face.

These when used regularly will give you its benefits on long term. Also these are even suitable for sensitive skin type.

We really liked the Grapefruit and Aloevera mask as it retains moisture for long time comparatively.

All these are available at Rs. 599 for 6 sheet masks on Skin Elements website, Amazon and other E commerce website.

This is our take on these sheet masks. Leave your reviews in comment section below.

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