Maintaining personal hygiene!

A very sensitive topic which people usually do not prefer talking about but it is something that is equally important.

Unlike other parts of the body people refrain from talking about intimate hygiene and concerns related to it. Just like any other parts of your body your intimate area too needs to be taken care of or may be an extra care to prevent any infections.

Just like our face, our intimate areas too have very sensitive skin and the pH of down there is very different from rest of your body which makes it very accessible to infections if not taken care of.

It is important to maintain little hygiene routine to for your intimate areas to keep it safe from harmful bacteria.

• Never use soap or soap based products to clean your private parts. Always use clean water.
• You can use intimate wash/gel to cleanse at maximum of twice a day.
• Do not be harsh and gently cleanse it with your hands instead of loofah.
• Use clean cotton cloth to pat it dry.
• Always wash your genitals and rectum every time you visit a toilet or use intimate wipes.
• Wipe it backwards to prevent spread of infection from rectum.
• Wear breathable cotton underwear to allow air circulation.
• Moist atmosphere give rise to bacterial growth, always prefer changing wet clothes.
• If you are on your periods or pregnant, you need to take extra care by washing few more time.
• If not shave, trim your pubic hairs.

Pubic hair is again important part of hygiene. Laser, shave, wax or leave it natural is a personal choice. To each their own. But to keep it clean, moisture free, sweat free and odor free is something that’s need to be taken care of. Maintaining it by at least trimming is something that is must. It prevents bacterial growths thus prevents many diseases.

Even many women are conscious about how it looks down there but girls its normal and that’s how it is supposed to be. Also, don’t fall in trap of products which claims to lighten your skin down there. Firstly no product can change your natural skin color be it face or private parts. Second if it claims to do so then it contains harsh chemicals to fulfill its purpose which is not at all good for your sensitive skin.

Coming to guys, just like women they too need to take care of their hygiene and grooming which they tend to overlook.

It is important to clean your crotch area to keep it healthy and prevent warts and rashes. Use intimate washes to thoroughly cleanse your region with clean hands and gently and get yourself groomed down there to keep it clean and fresh.

Both partners should take care of their personal hygiene for their own health benefits and their personal relationship too.

Only thing is we need to start this conversation without hesitation or feeling grossed out because it is something that needs your attention.

Maintain hygiene of your intimate region shows how clean and healthy you are and keeps many diseases at bay.

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