Protecting your lips with Namyaa lip serum

As much as we care for our face what we usually ignore is our lips.

Our lips have very delicate skin which needs to be taken care of. Specially if your lips gets chapped easily it is must that you give your bit of attention to it.

Also lips tends to get discoloration due to sun burns, smoking or using excessive chemical based cosmetics. Getting back to normal skin tone of the lips becomes tough.

@namyaaskincare lip serum is formulated with natural ingredients to nourish, moisturize and heal chapped lips.

It also heals and repairs the skin cells damaged caused due to smoking or chemicals. It lightens and brightens the lips caused due to chemicals.

It comes in a tube packaging which is very convenient to carry in pocket or purse.

It has white cream like consistency which is very nourishing. You just need to use very little quantity of it to let it work as serum.

*Travel friendly
*Hydrates and nourishes the lips for longer duration
*Brighten up the skin
*Even out the skin tone
*Little goes a long way

You can get it on any e commerce website or on website of @namyaaskincare.

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