Beating the sunrays with Oshea herbals sunscreen SPF 40

SPF is very important whatever the season may be but it becomes very much more important in summers due to harsh sun rays and scorching heat.

SPF not only protects our skin from sun burns but also from various skin conditions occurring due to harsh rays and pollutants.

Whenever you choose your sunscreen choose it wisely depending on your exposure to sunrays. If you are always indoors choose SPF 15 and if more than that go for higher SPF.

Make sure that your sunscreen also protects you from both UVA and UVB rays which are present in surroundings. Always check PA factor in your sunscreen.

@oshea_herbals UV shield sun block spray having spf of 40 is also broad spectrum.

It comes in spray form.

It is made of natural ingredients like Licorice Extract, Chamomile Extract, Grape Fruit Extract. All these ingredients also helps nourish the skin along with the protection. *Easy to use.
*Absorb in to the skin easily.
*Doesn’t leave the white cast.
*Moisturizes the skin.
*Gives even skin tone.
*No artificial fragrance.
*Paraben free.
*Travel friendly.

I love this one due to its spray form and for the fact that it is totally natural product.

It is very pocket friendly. And it is must have for your beach vacay.

You can get this from any of the online websites like @amazondotin @flipkart or from @oshea_herbals website.

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