Namyaa Intimate Hygiene Wash – Review

Maintaining intimate hygiene is very much important for both men and women. This is one of the most overlooked subject and people give least importance to it.

Both men and women should give utmost important to it and should start talking about it. Maintain intimate hygiene will keep you disease free and help you avoid many unwanted infections.

The skin of your intimate area is very delicate and different from other parts of your body. Just like we use face wash for face our intimate areas deserves a different wash. The soap contains harsh chemicals which are good for body skin but aren’t suitable for delicate intimate areas and it alters the pH value of the area.

This intimate wash by Namyaa Skin Care is enriched with Ayurveda. It contains goodness of proven Ayurvedic herbs like Tea Tree Oil, Rosemary, Neem, Aloe Vera and others.
All these natural ingredients are very safe for delicate skin down there. It preserves your body’s natural pH balance, thereby reducing itching, irritation and other infections.
It comes in a pump bottle which makes it very hygienic.

The wash is transparent and gel like consistency with mild fragrance and it doesn’t lather much which shows the absence of chemicals.

It is very refreshing and helps you keep comfortable and fresh throughout the day. But if the climate is very hot and humid or you are someone who sweat a lot you might find that you need to use it once again otherwise it is enough to use once a day.

It is perfect to use as it made up of all natural ingredients and is free from paraben, SLES and excess soap.

It is really important wash your intimate area to be away from irritation, itchiness and infection and maintain the hygiene.

I would highly recommend using intimate wash instead of soap for both men and women.

It is affordable as you have to use just a pump or two every time you use it and lasts you long.

Price: Rs. 349

Availability:, Nykaa, Amazon and other E-commerce websites.

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