Hair care tips for shiny, lustrous locks!

Everyone desires to get those nice, lustrous, shiny locks and for that we get indulged into so many products that claim to get that shine. Sometimes even burn our pockets for the same but it’s like trial and error game, product may or may not suit you. If it does not suit you, it may leave your hair dull in addition to the loads of chemicals in the product.

Even am no exception (am obsessed with my hair) and I have done many such blunders. But lately I have been using a lot of natural ingredients to get those shiny, silky, long, lustrous locks. Every two days you will find me with some or the other DIY natural hair mask on; that’s how much I care about my locks.

Best part about using natural ingredients is that it does not harm your hair plus you can tweak the recipe according to your hair type, texture and need of it.

• Oiling

This has to be the most important part of hair care routine. If this hasn’t been part of your routine then make it now.
It provides nourishment and moisture to the hair and soothes the scalp. Thus making the cuticles healthy that lie flat on scalp which makes your hair shiny.

1. Coconut oil
It has antimicrobial properties and is rich in medium fatty acids which nourishes the hair and also maintains the scalp health.This is the most penetrative oil and it forms a protective layer around hair shaft.There are different ways to use this as a remedy.

  • Regular oiling with massage.
  • Hot towel treatment.
  • Oil rinse. This is one of the methods that I have come across recently and it is working pretty good for me. After shampooing hair; take 2–3 teaspoon of oil and coat it all over your damp hair concentrating more on tips. Apply conditioner on top of it, let it sit for 5 minutes and rinse it off.

2. Castor oil
• This oil not only increase the thickness of hair but it has emollient property which helps to retain and seal the moisture in hair.
• However, if you have oily hair this can make hair bit sticky. But you can use it by mixing coconut oil and castor oil.
• Again, use it as regular hair oil or as hot towel treatment.

3. Olive oil
• Olive oil penetrates into the hair shaft and adds softness and strength to the hair. It also retains the moisture and soothes hair cuticles which give the shine to your locks.
• Use it as leave in conditioner or as conditioner.

4. Almond oil
• This not only strengthens the hair but it is best treatment for damaged hair. Along with this, it adds the shine and nourishment to the hairs.
• Use it as oil massage, hot towel treatment or rinse it off.
Being a bit greedy that I am, I have prepared my own version of oil by mixing all these 4 and other natural ingredients to get the most of it. And it works best for me.

Essential oils like lavender oil, rosemary oil and tea tree oil can also be used for shiny hairs. add few drops in your regular oil or use it as leave in serum.

• DIY hair mask

  • Banana, Avocado, Egg, Yogurt, Aloe Vera, Honey, Lemon, Mayonnaise work as best ingredients for shiny hair.These can be used individually or can be mixed with other ingredients as per the hair type and problem.
  • You can also add Vitamin E in your hair mask.
  • I usually reach out for lemon, honey, aloe and oil. Mix and match ingredients as per need and wash it off after 30–45 minutes of application.
  • Also, you can use aloe vera as leave in conditioner or as a hair serum on damp hair. Take a small spritz bottle and fill it half with water and half with aloe vera gel. Shake well and spray it through the mid length to the ends.

• Hair rinse
o Rose water
This is the most budget friendly hair treatment.
Its antiseptic property soothes the scalp and the best moisturizing hair rinse.
After shampoo and conditioner, give your hair a final rinse with rose water. This will leave your hair moisturized and shining.

o Beer
Basic ingredients in beer are rich in protein that coats the hair.
It nourishes the hair and leaves them radiant and soft.
Use it as a rinse, massage and wash it off.
Beer didn’t work for my hair type but it had worked for few of my friends so, before using it just be sure and cross check if it’s suitable for your hair type.

o Apple Cider Vinegar
This has been my holy grail product for hair and skin care.
It’s the best product for all the hair problems.

o Green tea
It has contains the antioxidants, amino acids and penthanol which stimulates hair growth and add luster to hairs.
Use this as a rinse after hair wash.

o Coffee
This not only adds smoothness and shine to your hair but it also adds a nice hue of color to your hair without damaging it.
Use cooled brewed black coffee as a rinse.

• Other tips for shiny hair
-Oil your hair at least twice a week.
-Refrain from using concentrated shampoo. Always add water to your shampoo before applying it on your scalp and hair.
-Use conditioner after shampoo to seal the cuticles and lock the moisture in hair shaft.
-Use a clarifying rinse at least once a month to remove all the hair products and dirt build up from hair.
-Avoid using chemicals on hair as much as possible.
-Use some natural leave in cream or serum to add shine and gloss to your hair by locking the moisture.
-Eat lot of fruits rich in vitamins and minerals, dark green veggies which consist of omega 3, proteins and essential minerals and nuts rich in fatty acids. These keep your hair healthy and glossy.
-Drink at least 2 liters of water in a day.
-Avoid using hard water.
-Avoid stress.

Maintaining overall health of hair like adding nutrients in your diet to providing nourishment to your hair by oiling and reaching out for ingredients easily available in your grocery is sure shot way to get that glossy healthy hair.

Pamper yourself to get that shiny healthy hair.

Until Next Time!

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