Daily habits to stay healthy!

Being healthy isn’t just an absence of sickness. It is physical, emotional and social well being. Health is given utmost importance and even there is a special day dedicated to create awareness about the health.

7th April is celebrated as world health day across the globe giving importance to certain aspect of health to bring it to notice.

Even after lot of advancement in medicine we can’t always prevent all the diseases and not everyone keeps healthy. Government is doing its every bit to bring in more and more improvement in health care and makes sure that everyone gets it benefit but there are few things that we can do as an individual to keep ourselves and our family healthy and prevent a ill health.

Here are some daily practices that you can make it a habit to lead a healthy life.

  • Start your day with water

Water is best tonic for good health. Drink water before putting anything in the body as soon as you wake up.  This ensures you stay hydrated to the cellular level and it also helps cleanse the body and remove toxins.

Drink atleast 3-4 litres of water daily. It is one of the best ways to detox your body.

  • Stay active and keep moving

Throughout the day try to take small walk, climb stairs or in any way move your body. Or at least just stand up stretch a bit instead of sitting for a long time.

  • Exercises

It’s important to have a regular exercise routine. It helps in maintaining overall health of the body.

You don’t need a fancy exercise routine for this; just include stretching and walking and you are good to go.

  • Have colorful meal

It’s important to eat healthy and on time. But it is more important to have a healthy meal. Include lot of colors in your meal. Say no to processed food. Avoid excess sugar and salt.

Binge eating is totally no no!

  • Avoid alcohol and smoking

They both cause multiple complications with the body that can range from mild to life-threatening.

  • Have enough sleep

You need to have a proper 7-8 hours of sleep daily.

Maintain a regular sleep routine.

  • Watch your weight

Obesity leads to various health problems and sometimes even leads to fatal diseases. Maintain healthy weight to stay healthy.

  • De stress yourself

It can take a toll on your health. You can’t avoid it all together but find ways to ease impact.

Give yourself a break from work and hectic schedule.

  • Meditate

If you aren’t into full fledged meditation just take out 5 minutes, close your eyes and just let loose. This will help your body and mind to relax.

  • Positive thinking

It’s important to stay happy and positive to stay healthy and fit.

  • Practice gratitude

Remind yourself of everything that you have and how far you have come. Be grateful for it. Be thankful. This will help you stay grounded and will further help you to focus on your goals and what all you want to achieve.

  • Never ignore any symptoms

Last but not the least if you feel something is wrong or your body is giving some signs of bad health don’t ignore. Visit you doctor instead of popping up some pills by your own.

Go for regular check up.

Practice good habits that ensure well being of your body and mind.

Thus, making these changes in your life will definitely help you lead a healthy life while working hard for fulfilling our dreams.

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!

Until Next Time!

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