Skin and hair care tips for holi!

Holi is here again and we are all set to enjoy the festival of colors with great enthusiasm and fun. With all this fun session the harsh colors tends to take a toll on your skin and hair. Specially if the colors aren’t organic and have chemicals it can lead to irritation, allergic reaction of skin or hair infection.

The best way to celebrate the holi is to opt for organic color and play with keeping safety in mind to ensure that it does not spoil the whole point of celebration.

Apart from this follow some basic tips that will not let colors damage your skin and hair.

  • Moisturize: Colors will irritate and dehydrate your skin. Moisturize your skin well before 20-25 minutes and use SPF to avoid tan. Post holi also apply generous amount of moisturizer to soothe your skin. You can even use aloe vera gel to reduce skin irritation. Do give special attention to ear, ear lobes. Elbows, knuckles and cuticles. Apply a thick layer of lip balm.
  • Oiling: To prevent colors sticking to your hair and causing harm to your scalp, oil your scalp and hair liberally with warm oil. You can go for coconut oil, castor oil or olive oil. Also, oil your skin to add a protective layer to your skin.
  • Clothing: Wear clothes that cover the maximum part of your body which can save you from color. If possible go for turtle necks and full sleeves clothes. Go for loose cotton clothes.
  • Eyes: Protect your eyes. Wear glares but avoid wearing lens or specs.
  • Nails: Lather your cuticles with olive oil or Vaseline. Wear nail paint and top it up with transparent top coat.
  • Stay Hydrated: Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated. Drink lot of water before heading out to play and also while you are out and about.
  • Hair: Don’t let your hair down. Tie it in a bun or braid. Wear cap, scarf of bandana to protect your hair from harmful color. Wash your hair with cold or lukewarm water. Hot water tends to solidify the color on your hair and it gets stick tour scalp and roots. Use mild or herbal shampoos to wash your hair. Deeply condition it post a wash.
  • Skin: Post holi it becomes difficult to remove the color stains. Scrub gently with oil or Vaseline to remove the color. Use soothing soaps with aloe vera, glycerin or any gentle and moisturizing properties. If need be use lemon to remove stains. Use gentle DIY cleansers like sandalwood and milk or milk and besan. Don’t be harsh towards your skin. Pamper it the most after holi. Also use toners or micellar water to remove stubborn stains and even out your skin post harsh chemical session. Use hydrating serums and moisturizers for extra hydartion.

Get yourself a spa session or pamper your skin and hair with lot of homemade masks and scrubs. This will ensure that your hair and skin recovers from all the damage from holi color and gets back to healthy state.

How are you celebrating your holi this time??? Do let us know in comment section also, if you too have some tips for holi don’t forget to share with us.

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