Tinted lip balm and bath salt scrub by Swara Bliss!

One thing that you will always find in our handbags is lip balm. Lip balm keeps the lips nourished and moisturized and any way who likes dry, chapped lips?

You all know and we have mentioned it manier times that swara bliss has been one of our favorite skin care brand and this time they have come up with a new product. Guess what, it is our favorite lip balm and hey hey it is tinted lip balm. Thereby serving two purposes; nourishing and giving a hint of color to your lips.

If you haven’t read our previous blog on Swara Bliss then do give it a read to know more about the brand before you read about the new launch.

This time Swara Bliss has launched 3 variants of tinted lip balms with goodness of natural ingredients in its purest forms to make it more effective for its customers.

1) Cinnamon Honey Lip balm,

This one is prepared from raw honey, cinnamon powder, cinnamon essential oil, shea butter and vitamin E. This gives a beautiful brown tint with a spicy fragrance. And of course as we all know honey is best to soothe the skin.

Price Rs.220/piece + ship

2) Lustrous Pink Lip balm

This one has beetroot powder, shea butter, extra virgin cold press coconut oil and peppermint essential oil.This gives beautiful pink sheen. Beetroot powder has scrubbing property hence can also be used at night before hitting to bed. Only caution is if you have pimple near your lips, stay away from it for few days as it might clog the pores.

Price Rs.180/piece + ship

3) Acai blueberry Lip balm

This one has my favorite coco butter, cold pressed jojoba oil, acai blueberry and vitamin E.Again this one has mild scrub in it along with anitoxidants which keeps your lips soft and plump while jojoba oil gives nourishment.This has a tint of purple to it. Perfect for all the girls who loves to carry bold colors yet this one is subtle tint so can carry it on daily basis too.

Price Rs.220/piece + ship

All the ingredients used in these are used in unrefined forms to maintain its purity. The essential oils and carrier oils used are cold pressed and organic while beet root powder and acai powder are made without using heat to retain its natural properties.

They have tried to get the best of ingredients for their products and have put on great efforts to make it most effective. Some of the ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil have been imported from Africa and USA respectively.

All in all they have used the ingredients that are best for thin and sensitive skin like lips to prevent any skin reactions and make it most effective.

These lip balms are perfect if you like some tint to your lips.

The other new launch is bath salt scrub. Scrubbing atleast once a week is extremely important. In this one they have whipped the scrub with cold pressed coconut oil and castor oil which are extremely good for skin, keeps it nourished and moisturized while removing the dead skin cells. This is infused with lavender oil. Use it on little wet skin and gently scrubbing off the dead skin.

Price Rs.400/500ml bottle

We have loved both these products by Swara Bliss and gonna keep using it till we can get it.

To order these you can drop message to Swara Bliss on Facebook or Instagram.

Do share your views in comment section if you happen to use lip balms or any of their products. We would love to hear from you.

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