Tips to prevent Joint Pain in long run!

Your joints play vital role in your health and preventing joint pain in long run can help you lead a healthy life.

Although heredity can hit hard on your joints but you can definitely delay it and those who has certain kind of work environment (long time standing, sedentary lifestyle etc) can prevent joint from suffering by following certain steps.

  • Eat your greens

They contain vitamins which are antioxidants. Also they are rich in calcium that helps maintain your bone health.

  • Sun bath

Not literally but getting some good sunshine in the early morning will help you with Vitamin D which helps absorb calcium.

Also, eat food rich in Vitamin D like milk, cereal, salmon etc. Or if needed can take Vitamin D supplements (with prescription of course).

  • Walk around

Sitting on your chair for a long time at a stretch will not only make lazy but will also have bad effect on your joints. Walk around, stretch your body.

Start exercising; not saying that you have to go to gym anyhow but go for a walk,cycling, jogging stretch your body, do some active body movements or do some low impact exercises. Do exercises that you prefer and suit you.

This keeps you moving and your joints healthy.

  • Lift weights

Take some free weights and strengthen your muscles or you can go for body weight exercises that helps strengthen your muscles.

Muscles on your abdomen and legs have great impact on your back and knees. Keep them strong.

  • Watch your weight

More the body weight, higher the impact on joints and more the strain.

  • Hydrate yourself

Our body has almost 60% of our body is of water so are cartilage in joints. Replenish them and make joints more strong to help sustain any injury.

  • Exercise correctly

Aggressive workouts from day one will leave you with injury.

Lift weights correctly.

Take things slowly, follow the proper technique and gradually strengthen your muscles.

  • Posture

Maintain proper posture. Faulty posture leads to strain on muscles and mal alignment of joints.

  • Proper footwear

Wear proper, comfortable footwear to remove strain and reduce the impact on joints.

Avoid heels greater than 2 inches. Anything above it puts extra strain on joints.

These are some of the basic steps that you can follow to prevent joint pain in long run. Also there are many causes of joint pain so if you suffer from one already do get it checked with your doctor to treat the cause of pain.

Stay healthy, Stay Fit.

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