Three Ingredients Cake Recipe!

Desserts are every ones favorite. Cake is one such dish which makes everyone drool and is perfect for any occasion. We like our cakes without cream which makes it perfect to consume even at tea time or breakfast or whenever the hunger pangs call you out.

Although we love cake but its long preparation time is tedious and for someone like us and many others who don’t eat eggs we need to search for such recipes which are egg less.

Here we are presenting to you 3 ingredients cake recipe for which you don’t even need microwave.


Preparation Time: 5-10 minutes
Cooking Time: 20 minutes

• Oreo Biscuit: 1 packet
• Milk: 1 Small Bowl
• Eno: 1 Sachet

 Take the oreo biscuits and grind it in mixer. Add milk gradually and mix it. Do keep in mind to mix it by beating it in one direction only.

 Once the thick mixture is prepared add eno and mix it again.
 Add nuts of your choice (optional).
 Grease the baking tray with butter and pour the mixture in it. Evenly spread the mixture and add some more nuts on top (optional).
 Take a large pot or large pressure cooker and fill 1/4th of it with water. Place one more barrel with flat bottom upside down inside the pot such that it does not immerse fully in water and place the baking tray on it and cover with lid.
 Cook it on low flame for 20 minutes. Use toothpick to check if it is cooked properly if not cook for 10 more minutes.

Unmould it and your cake is ready to eat!

So this is our simple cake recipe. You can even use bourbon or any other cream biscuits.

Do let us know if you try out this recipe or give your twist to this recipe.

Until Next Time!

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