Sheet Masks ~ Making most of it!

Sheet masks are love and one of the best gifts we have received from Korean beauty industry. Today sheet masks are highly popular because of its nourishing properties and how instantly it plumps up the skin. Apart from that it is very easy it use, mess free, easy to travel with and does not dry out the skin like regular masks (paste mask).

If you are sheet mask lover like us you would know it has plenty of serum in bottom of the packet and of course any skin care lover would not like to waste even a drop of it and make most of it. There are few different things you can do with the excess serum instead of throwing it away with a heavy heart in dust bin. But of course one thing that you should not do is to re use the same sheet mask.

Sheet Masks!

We have few tricks to use extra leftover from your sheet masks and make most of it. Read on to know how we or our friends have been doing it.

  • For dry skin

Use it on more dry areas like elbow, heel, ankle which needs your attention and love.

  • As body moisturizer

Use it all over your body as a moisturizer. Trust me; your skin will thank you for sure.

  • Use it as targeted treatment

Soak a cotton pad in serum ad use it for your under eye or T-zone area or any dry patches on skin.

  • Prepare a twin sheet mask

Get the cotton tissue and make the needed cuts and holes for your eye, nose and mouth. Soak it in serum and use it as a sheet mask. You can also use compressed dry sheet mask instead.

  • Massage it in

Use the excess serum and massage it with face massager or crystal roller or derma roller whatever you prefer or works best for you.

  • Squeeze it and store it

Yes, you’ve heard that right. Immediately after applying the sheet mask squeeze out the excess serum and store it a bottle with a nozzle or air tight container so that it does not get contaminated. Store it in refrigerator and use it whenever you want but don’t try to keep it for too long.

These are the few tricks that we use to save our serum and use it in every possible way. Have we tempted you enough to use your serum to the last drop?

Do let us know how you use your sheet mask in comment section.

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