Swara Bliss ~ Soap se Rishta Wahi Soch Nayi!

Like all other skin care essentials one of the important product has to be soap. Frankly am not a soap person as they leave my skin dry and have always been a fan of body wash because of the lather and foam it creates and it’s hassle free too.

Biggest drawback of all these bathing soaps and body wash is the use of tons of chemicals in them which in turn leads to skin problems in long run. Even if you try to find products with natural ingredients there are some or the other sort of chemicals present in it.

Although there are tons of companies now who are into natural products and some are big names too but it still made me bit skeptical. That’s when I bumped into Swara Bliss while searching for some good bathing products.

Swara Bliss is a home run brand at Noida; India. Their products are handcrafted with natural ingredients and essential oils for smooth and flawless skin.

They have something for everyone from a kids range to adults, oily acne prone skin to dry skin. You name it and they will handcraft it for you. Till date they have 30 varieties of soaps keeping in mind the India’s climate and also following the global trend. And kid you not these are not the regular ones like orange, lemon or something but mix of different essential oils and ingredients which are best for your skin.

They not only have the best ingredients for soap but even their designs are amazing. They are treat to your eyes along with your skin. Each and every soap is handcrafted and designed in a way to uplift the skin and make it more smooth, bright and healthy.


I got my hands on 5 of these soaps from Swara Bliss.
• Neem Tulsi Goat Milk’s soap
• Walnut Cinnamon Scrub soap
• Saffron Almond Honey Goat’s Milk soap
• Turmeric Soap
• Shea Butter with Activated Charcoal soap

Combinations of ingredients are so unique and different that you have to try these once to see how they actually work. And these ingredients tempted me too to try these out and Oh My Lord they are so freaking amazing.

If you have an oily acne prone skin, Neem Tulsi soap will suit you the best as neem and tulsi both have antibacterial properties which will help fight acne and heal scars.


For dry skin Walnut Cinnamon Scrub soap will work the best as both walnut and cinnamon keeps skin moisturized. Also, it helps fight the signs of aging, brightens and softens the skin. And being a scurb soap it exfoliates the dead skin.


If you have an uneven skin tone or scars then Saffron honey almond soap will come to your rescue. Not only it will help you get even skin tone but will leave you with radiant skin giving you a feel of a queen with its rich ingredients.


Turmeric soap is best if you have sensitive skin or any skin condition as it is antiseptic and help fight various dermatological problems. Also we all know that turmeric is best to get radiant glowing skin so why not give it a shot.


Activated charcoal is all rage for good and every skin care brand tries to include it. Now this combination of shea butter and activated charcoal was quiet unique for me. Now we all know all how good activated charcoal is for young youthful and vibrant skin and this combination works best for everyone.


All these (5) soaps have base of ingredients like goat milk or shea butter along with other essential oils.

I literally have spa like experience daily because of such rich versatile ingredients and also because it has amazing frangrance which lasts long and keeps your skin moisturized for longer duration.

What I liked the best about this brand is its packaging. They have super cute packaging where each and every soap is packed in seed paper. Once used crush the paper finely, sow it in soil and you will have your plant. They not only take care of your skin but of our planet earth too.

I had an amazing experience with them and you too can have. They are even taking corporate designer soaps, designer range soap for birthdays and baby shower, mehendi functions etc.

To get your hands on these soaps and many other hand made products you can contact them on Swara Bliss or can leave a direct message on Facebook or Instagram.

Enjoy your experience with Swara Bliss.

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