New Year, New You! – Simple steps for healthy lifestyle

With changing times even our work and lifestyle has changed. We are so busy working that we don’t get time to workout/exercises and most of us lead a sedentary lifestyle.  This new year pledge to get a new you by following few simple steps that will help you stay active all throughout the day.

Being a physical therapist ​this has to be the most common question I have been asked number of times by ‘n’ number of people. There are few tips which every doctor, physio, fitness instructor and fitness bloggers vouch for and you will find these tips all over.

So let me pen down those tips here.

  • Walk around

Take a walk while visiting a corner store instead of your vehicle.

When you need a time out and have your ‘Me’ time, take a stroll at the beach side or a garden or if not these two then on your terrace. By this way you will have a break and will also keep your body moving.

Park your vehicle farther away in park lot. This will help you to take a quick walk and bonus you will find a parking space much quicker cause everyone tends to park at closest spot.

While answering calls, don’t just sit. Stand up and pace around your room or office.

Walk instead of calling or sending an email to your colleagues while in office.

  • Climb stairs

Take stairs instead of escalator or elevator whenever possible. This will help you burn fat.

  • Take breaks

Take frequent short breaks if you have to work sitting for long hours.

Stretch out. Stroll in corridors.

Instead of asking for a tea/coffee at your desk, take a walk towards a cafeteria.

  • Clean your house

Sweeping/mopping will help you burn fat and will keep you moving. Also, will help you clean your house better than maids and will also save you few bucks.

If you have pet than take it for a walk and play around.

  • Meeting friends

Meet your friends over some fun adventure activities instead of coffee.

These days you can even rent a bicycle at parks or riverfront. Go biking or even hiking with your friends.

  • Sports/Games

We love to play games but on cellphone or play stations. Instead go for outdoor games. Indulge in some sports activities.

Play fun games like hide and seek, hopscotch et cetera with kids.

  • Exercise your mind

Staying active doesn’t only mean physically active, but also your mind.

Meditate for at least few minutes. Freshen up your mind too.

Also to keep your mind active read books preferably non fiction. This will help you to gain some knowledge and also counter question, argue on points that you beg to differ. Also, it will help you to think from different perspectives.

Other than exercise, these are few basic everyday activities which you can incorporate to keep yourself active.


Follow these simple  steps to stay healthy and fit for lifetime. Do let us know what are your tips to stay fit in comment section.

Thank you for reading :)!

Until Next Time.

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